Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How do you deal toughly with your banker?

The title above is taken from a comment made by Hillary Clinton in an otherwise routine article from The Age derived from the Wikileaks archive.
Clinton grilled Rudd on dealing with China
The Age, December 5

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton grilled then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on how best to deal with the growing economic power of China, a confidential cable released by WikiLeaks states.
Ms Clinton said the US wanted "China to take more responsibility in the global economic sphere, create more of a social safety net for its people, and construct a better regulatory framework for the goods China manufactures."

"The Secretary also noted the challenges posed by China's economic rise, asking: `How do you deal toughly with your banker?'," the cable stated.
While commentary has focused on Rudds comment about using force should "things go wrong" - I don't recall ever seeing the situation about the US dollar so bluntly stated officially. It seems, all those years ago, that Robert Newman may have been on to something (@ 2:30 in video).

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