Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ABC Big Ideas - Greening the Wharf debate

The ABC will be screening a segment from a Q&A at the Sydney Theatre Company feauturing Beyond Zero Emissions' Matthew Wright on Wednesday - Greening The Wharf.
Moderated by Tony Jones with panellists including The Hon. Bob Carr, Dr Zhengrong Shi, Graham Bradley and Sam Mostyn.

A 15 minute excerpt will run on 15 February on ABC1 TV as part of the Best of Big Ideas broadcast.

The full one hour will feature on ABC1 TV on Wednesday 16 February at 11am and will also be available through ABC online i-view.

BZE will also be featuring at the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne on the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

University of Adelaide's Environment Institute talk recently claimed we could build a 'battery' — a large hydro dam — that could hypothetically power Australia for 10 hours when renewables go down!

The idea was that a 20 meter shallow but large area hydro dam could be built at the top of the Australian Bite. Pump it full of seawater, and then run it back down the 90 meter cliff when you want to use energy.


That's the kind of scheme that could *almost* convince me we could solve intermittent renewable energy.

But I didn't hear what paper had verified it was cost effective? Anyone?