Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kjell Aleklett & Phil Hart - Peak Oil Presentation Videos

On 24th November last year, Beyond Zero Emissions and GAMUT (Australasian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport) held a peak oil evening with the visiting Professor and ASPO President Kjell Aleklett. I also spoke following Kjell, concentrating more on Australian factors and cultural aspects of peak oil since Prof Aleklett had already overwhelmed the audience with the technical aspects!

Videos of the presentations were made available online earlier in the year:

Resource Depletion, The tie that binds Peak Oil and Food Security - Professor Kjell Aleklett from Plug-In TV on Vimeo.

Peak Oil, A Time for Cultural Change - Phil Hart from Plug-In TV on Vimeo.

Kjell Aleklett and Phil Hart - Q&A session from Plug-In TV on Vimeo.


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