Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why are Australian petrol prices so high ?

I noticed an interesting little campaign on Facebook recently, which noted the strangely high level of Australian petrol prices compared to the last spike, given the much stronger Australian dollar and relatively subdued oil price.
Petrol is $1.45 a litre yet the Aussie Dollar is at $1.05 US and Oil Is $99 a barrel, yet last time we paid this much the Aussie dollar was around 70 US cents and oil was $145 a barrel, we should be paying about 90 cents a litre for petrol. we are being ripped off - copy and paste this on your face book page as the oil companies will realise with numbers we are on to them. Wheres the ACCC?

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Kyle said...

Average Australian full-time wage has increased by about $175 a week in the last three years. Cost of things rises to absorb disposable income, since housing prices have stalled, it's food, transport and utilities have gone up.

The average petrol retailer margin has increased from 3 to 8 cents a litre in the last few years. Part of that is absorbed by the increased wages of petrol station workers, truckies, etc.

Really, if you think petrol is too expensive, get out and push.

Big Gav said...

Well - given that I ride most of the time it doesn't worry me that much, but I still think the average punter is being price gouged - just not enough to get them to change their habits...

simon { sitting Bear } said...

Petrol prices are a big rip off we pay GST + STATE TAX + FEDERAL TAX .