Wednesday, November 9, 2011

24 Hours to Massive Change: Global Design Workshop

Massive Change is holding a workshop on Design thinking in Brisbane at the end of November - 24 Hours to Massive Change: Global Design Workshop.
How much can you really accomplish in 24 hours?

Find out in Bruce Mau’s 24HRS2Massive Change Workshop.

A great deal – in fact, a massive amount – if you bring together a group of entrepreneurial design thinkers. That’s the premise of a new workshop, aptly titled “24 Hours to Massive Change” – taking place from November 23 through 26, 2011, in Brisbane, propelled by Bruce Mau’s Massive Change Network. Participants will learn how to transform their businesses, organizations and institutions by thinking like designers, and tackle problems, develop solutions, and create new ways of innovating to move forward.


SP said...

That graphic hurts my eyes...

Big Gav said...

The colour scheme didn't seem quite so aggressive on their page - maybe its the combination with the white background which does it !

Anyway - no one ever said Massive Change wouldn't hurt :-)