Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MyDrive - Better Place and the Future of the Electric Car

MyDrive has a look at Better Place and their model for electric car ownership - MyDrive - Better Place and the Future of the Electric Car .
MyDrive's Ash Davies takes a close look at the current state of the electric car and the network that could very well bring them to the public. Working with the new Nissan Leaf and Better Place, this film looks into the revolutionary technology that could finally make the Electric Car make sense.


Barry White said...

Well, I am someone who placed a preliminary order with Nissan for a Leaf and I was informed that it would be available in next month in June.
However I then asked the price and was stunned to be told $51,500 !
The same car sells in the US for $30,000 less a tax rebate. In the UK it sells for about $40,000 and there have been complaints there calling it a ripoff.
However the Great Aussie Ripoff leaves them all for dead.
I made an enquiry via my MP and Minister Combet replied with all the same waffle that Nissan employed.
There is no way that waffle on tax and design rules can cover $20,000.
I canceled my order.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are planning for "The Near Future" Electric cars have the potential to be so much more simple and efficient than internal combustion motors with all those parts jumping around 50 time a minute. If they can just reduce the "Range anxiety" problem of batteries.

Laboratory experiments have made short term 10x improvements in battery capacity and repeatable longer 3x improvements, translated to weight reduction or range improvement can make all the difference.

So far fossil fuels are still the primary source of electric car power, but the greater energy efficiency of electric motors still allows electrics to come out slightly ahead. It's a bit of a chicken and egg issue, should clean electricity sources come before adopting scaling up electric car technology.

It looks like China may end up the leader in electric car production, better work on those language skills.

It's said that large scale electric generation plants operate at only one speed, producing a surplus of power during off peak hours, perhaps the number of electric cars to absorb that surplus during overnight recharges would be the ideal number of them to have.

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